File Extension Uif

The uif file extension can be problematic if you do not have the program to actually run the file.
Let me hazard a guess at you are trying to mount image files to a CD or DVD?
The answers to any issues are pretty straight forward for the more computer savvy. But what about the rest of us that have not got a clue about file extensions and programming?
What is a uif file extension and what is its purpose?
The uif is a “Universal Image Format' disk image, which is not a commonly used program. It is however created by MagicISO as a compressed disk image format, which is basically able to edit, format and open disk image files.
You would use this format to back up and compress your CD and DVD files with the correct software program.


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It is a file that can also be encrypted or password protected for added security. The encryption methods used in uif have been known to be better than other formats, which is why you may well stumble across it with music or movie files as an example.

As you may have noticed if you have been tinkering with; CD or DVD files, some SVCD formats and Audio CD's, as uif is more commonly associated with encryption on these types of file formats. You will more or less run into errors opening these formats of files at some point if you do not have the program that runs uif.

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More Info Regarding File Extension Uif

One common problem that does arise when users bump into the uif extension is when they try to extract image files such as image1.uif. Which brings up errors such as; ‘Windows cannot open file' which is when most users will promptly try to open the file using a program from their computers list.

Unless you have the program that runs the uif extension these attempts are fruitless. But there are fixes out there for the problem so don't be disheartened if you run into the problem of a uif file that you cannot run.

There are some methods you can use to firstly check your computer for uif file extension errors, one would be to manually look through image files which is not an economical option for most of us, or to run a file scan for potential uif file errors within your computer.

Running system scans can be risky if you do not know where they are coming from so you do not want to use any old third-party scan software, as these can be housing malicious software that trick you into thinking you have all sorts of bugs and glitches going on other than uif file errors; just so you will buy the scan software. So it is entirely your decision if you want to go down that route.

It has also been wrongly assumed that the file extension can only be opened by ‘Windows' users. As I will get to shortly this assumption is quite wrong; so MAC users and Linux users fear not as help is at hand.

The more suitable and reliable way to fix the problem of uif errors is to find the actual programs that will open the extension and install them onto your computer, these are:

For MAC OS - UIF2ISO for Mac

For Windows users – MagicISO Universal Image Format File, PowerISO 4.1 or later, UIF to ISO Converter and UIF2ISO

Linux - UIF2ISO

Example - It's as easy as this to install and setup MagicISO, for those of us who need the guidance here is a simple overview of the process involved in installation:

Download MagicISO and Install it to your computer - Open MagicISO by either clicking run or opening it from within the file you saved it to on you computer - Click Tools -Decompress ‘uif' Image.

The MagicISO program now begins to convert the ‘uif' file to ISO format.

Now use a virtual disk manager to mount the ISO file to your CD or DVD.

MagicISO is probably the better tool to download and use if you are a ‘Windows' user as the software is built by the people that are more commonly associated with ‘uif' as a user of MagicISO I found this to be the more reliable and easy to use program.

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